but for real this time

It wasn’t writer’s block.  It’s not that I don’t have enough time.  I have no explanation for why I’ve not posted in FOR.EH.VER.  Maybe because having a Facebook account is a lot like blogging anyway.  I don’t know.  I’m gonna switch it up.


I have a smartphone now (drrrooiiiid), and I can upload video direct to YouTube.  Plus, I’ve started contributing to my friend’s YouTube channel, FrenchTele.  I’ll start featuring that stuff here.

What I’ve been up to:

  • A pretty intense relationship that lasted for seven months.  That’s huge for me – I don’t do the boyfriend/dating thing.  And I’ve never stayed with anyone for longer than 3 months.  Yaaayyyy, new record!
  • A two-month artist’s residency in the countryside of France (see below).  I ate SO MUCH DESSERT, I’m only just now losing weight!  And I’ll never eat another croissant again unless it’s there.
  • Applications:  for the RedCat NOW Festival for performance art and for the CCF Fellowship.  I think I have a better chance with the festival than with the fellowship.  If I get both, I’ll freak.
  • Parties!  Although it’s hard for me now since my boyfriend broke up with me.  I have a policy of not going out alone:  weird and potentially dangerous stuff ALWAYS happens.  Without fail.  And it was so great that I was with someone who shared the same tastes as me.  This isn’t true of most of my friends…
  • Teaching a high school art class from 11/08 until 6/09.  Ay ay ay…  A full post later on that, but let me just say this:  I was a total fish out of water.  I tried, though.  I developed an Urban Art curriculum and taught it the best way I could.  My brief experience as a teacher could spawn volumes of written material.
  • More performance art for Brody Condon.  This one was called ‘Without Sun’.  It was a really challenging experience.  Allowing myself to be directed by others has given me a lot of inspiration for directing my own pieces, and I hope I get the chance to realize my project with RedCat.
  • I started a subscription to a farm co-op service.  It’s called Abundant Harvest Organics, and every week you get a box of pre-selected fruits and vegetables in season.  I just got through eating my first dinner – mashed potatoes, artichoke and pea tendril salad, and collard greens.
  • I finally finished my artist site after monthsClick here.  Constructive criticism welcome.  There’ll be a few more changes, and I’ll get my own domain name once I finally get my car fixed…

There will also be a few slight changes to this blog.  Okay?  I know no one reads this, but whatever, maybe a few people will.  I’m just sayin’, I’ll be here.


  1. hi Alexia,
    loved you in Brody's Without Sun!