Racism/Privilege 101

As a general rule, I don't do racism 101, nor do I engage in white privilege 101 conversations.  I do not have to.  It is not my responsibility - your ignorance is YOUR burden.  I have done my best for all 29 of my years here on this earth, and I am done.  What I will do, however, is refer people to this page and let it speak for me.  Think of this as a compendium to educate yourself when I don't feel like helping you out.  Trust me, I never feel like helping you out, even though I'm your best friend who just happens to be black.

White Privilege:  Unpacking the Invisible Backpack by Peggy McIntosh - a primer

When Exceptions Prove the Rule by Tim Wise - for those who think they don't benefit from whiteness just because they grew up poor or in the hood

Derailing for Dummies - how to converse with marginalized people!

Cultural Appropriation Bingo - a fun game for the whole family!  Because you are entitled to have your way!

White Liberal Bingo - a wonderfully passive way to marginalize the experiences of your other best friend(s) who also just happen to be black/Mexican/Asian/etc.

The Crommunist Manifesto:  The People You Meet When You Talk About Race

101 Primer - an even more exhaustive compendium (with a few links repeated)

Racism Bingo

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