Coachella 2008: A Debriefing

1. I can die now.

2. I know I looked a fool in my outfit.


2. JESUS I'm exhausted.  Still.  But the constant screaming made my voice even deeper, and therefore more... how shall we say... sexy.

3. Kraftwerk.  What can I say?  Could they have been any more German?


The answer is no.

It was sooooooo weird, soooooooo conceptual and stimulating, suuuuuuuuuch an experience, I loved it!  I could tell while I was in the audience that it wasn't everyone's cup of tea, though.  Man,  if you thought I was stone-faced...   Any attempts to describe their set will butcher what it was like, but I will say that those robots were soooooooo cool!

4. The sculptures that were exhibited this year were way more interesting than last year's.

5. Man, there were white people everywhere!!  Maybe last year's constituency was more of an anomaly than I first thought.  I did, after all, attend only on Sunday when Rage was playing - La Raza was in full force that day.  One such white person...


She was cool.  I met her during the Kraftwerk set.

6. Wow!  VHS or Beta!  They were really great and I was impressed!  Can you believe they formed in Kentucky?  I need to let go of my stereotypes of the South.  It's hard, though, because I travel there often.  I'll be doing my best to get into them ASAP.  Same for Bonde do Role!


They were having so much fun, despite the fact that the band before them - like total @$$holes - didn't get down when they were supposed to:  Bonde do Role didn't have time for a sound check and didn't sound as good as they could have.  They MORE than made up for it in energy, though.  The only song from them I had ever heard was Gasolina, and my Brazilian friends (I've got quite a few) had never heard of them.  Think of them as a Baile Funk/techno/mash-up type group with hip-hop formal qualities.  SHOW!!!!

7. I caught a DJ set by a collective of sorts called Institubes - super cute!  Super fun!  At the end of the night on my way to my car, I passed by one of the guys mixing a set out of the trunk of his car...


Isn't he cyuuuute!  If you're in LA, he's mixing at a club located behind Avalon on Sunday, May 4th.

8.  What was up with the lead singer from Cold War Kids hating on Prince?  The Cold War Kids (so overrated) played on the main stage in the late afternoon, and I wasn't really in the audience but I was just chillin' in the grass nearby, minding my own business, when I hear the guy, in between songs, showing barely veiled contempt for Prince.  It was purple this, purple that; the guy seemed kinda jealous.  Tell you the truth, they were boring.  The other guitarist repeatedly played to the drummer and there was just no show.




Oh                                                                                                    My                                                                                                    Christ

That was one of the most wonderful experiences I ever had!  I was right up front!  He was beauuuuuuutiful!  The fact that most of the people in the audience weren't real fans didn't dampen it too much for me, but the next time I see him live, it's definitely going to have to be in a more intimate setting.  I felt like shaking some of the people around me and screaming "THIS ISN'T PORTISHEAD!!!!!" directly into their faces.  Nothing against Portishead, btw - they had a great live sound.  It just wasn't right for the venue, though.  But back to my future husband.  Let me break it down for you...

The lights were low.  And then, Prince sailed onstage:  I had a screaming fit.  The opening chord to "Let's Go Crazy" sounded over the speakers, and I had a screaming fit.  Then, after a brief intro, he brought out...


I had a screaming fit.

They did "Jungle Love" and "The Bird" with all the dance moves, thank you very much!  And after that, Prince brought out...

SHEILA E!!!!!!!!!

She performed "The Glamorous Life" and then proceeded to lead a jazzy jam with the band with her her good-lookin', mature self!  My favorite song of hers is "Love Bizarre" and I would have loved to hear it, but hey, I didn't have to be there at all.

Here are the songs that I remember Prince playing:

A slowed-down version of "Little Red Corvette", "1999", "You Got The Look", "Anotherloverholeinyohead", "Musicology", "Controversy", "Come Together" (Beatles), "Creep" (Radiohead), a Sarah McLaughlin song that one of his back-up singers broke her foot off in, a version of "Shhhh" (Tevin Campbell) in which he inserted a guitar solo that made me cry, and of course, "Purple Rain".

You can tell by the lack of photos above that I was too busy having fits to take pictures.  You can click here for more pics if you feel so moved.

I don't know what else to say, except that a few days later, I was describing that guitar solo to one of my friends and I started crying again.

I love music.


More Fashion Video

Only because I'm in it.

It's funny - I didn't start wearing make-up and playing with my hair and clothes until I was 23.  I'm experiencing delayed adolescence, in a way.  I guess. 

AAAAAA!! I'm soooooooooo faaaaaaaaaat! 


Mommy Pt. 2


I just want the world to know that I'm in love with my mother (browse the comments on my blog and you'll see why).  Some of my friends are in love with her, too.  My step-dad is in love with her.  I think that she'll be the subject of the next photography project that I take on.  I've made a lot of personal work in the past and have moved on to subject matter that starts off personal but kind of has universal tones to it.  I'm a strong believer in the line of thinking that the best art is honest and stems from personal experience and feelings, but it must transcend personal issues.  Or else, why should anyone spend their time standing in front of it and looking at it?  People got thangs to do!  I think that my maternal grandmother will have a place in this project.

Just something that I've been thinking about for a while.

BTW - if you live in Los Angeles and you haven't been to the Hammer Museum to see the Kara Walker exhibit yet, you deserve to be stung repeatedly by angry wasps in your left ear.  Get to it!


For Mommy

This one's for you!  I'm sorry you're too prudish to enjoy Prince, but I'm glad that we share an admiration for Morris Day and The Time.  Sometimes I fantasize about how your life was before you had me - how you dressed, bossed Otis or Daddy around, flirted, clubbed, all the things that I now do.  You must tell me one day...


What You've Always Known About the Republican Party

That no other political party in American history has fostered corruption and outright hypocrisy as artfully and as 'dodge-fully'.


Proof here.  Thank you RepublicanOffenders.com!  You're helping us concerned citizens to shut self-righteous and forked-tongued mouths one at a time.


Thanks to Crooks and Liars again for the tip.


Lou Dobbs is an Ass

I know I'm stating the obvious, but sometimes it has to be done.

And all Fall Out Boy albums deserve the Nazi treatment for having the audacity to even consider themselves rock & roll.

I'm just sayin'.