Mommy Pt. 2


I just want the world to know that I'm in love with my mother (browse the comments on my blog and you'll see why).  Some of my friends are in love with her, too.  My step-dad is in love with her.  I think that she'll be the subject of the next photography project that I take on.  I've made a lot of personal work in the past and have moved on to subject matter that starts off personal but kind of has universal tones to it.  I'm a strong believer in the line of thinking that the best art is honest and stems from personal experience and feelings, but it must transcend personal issues.  Or else, why should anyone spend their time standing in front of it and looking at it?  People got thangs to do!  I think that my maternal grandmother will have a place in this project.

Just something that I've been thinking about for a while.

BTW - if you live in Los Angeles and you haven't been to the Hammer Museum to see the Kara Walker exhibit yet, you deserve to be stung repeatedly by angry wasps in your left ear.  Get to it!


  1. Alexia, you should not wish wasp stings on anyone. They are very painful and plus, it may happen to you. Good to know I'm loved by my daughter (Cheese & Sprite!). Make sure I get to that gallery and see that collection so I'm not susceptible to the wasp stings - bad karma.

  2. I like the wasp stings idea, very conceptual. That's great you're in love with lady, sadly i'm her favorite so you'll have to always deal with being second :)