2008 In Review

JibJab sums it up nicely.

Now, we can look forward to nuclear war between India and Pakistan, further wankery from the Republican Party, more wholesale genocide perpetrated by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people, Obama's inability to really change anything because of his unwillingness address this country's fundamental problems, and such like.  Yay alright!


My Nephew: Jayden Lee Reece

Yes, I'm super-late doing this.  I finally have some time on my hands (two posts in one day, can you believe it?).  I must memorialize my brand-spankin'-new nephew, born September 28th 2008, ten weeks early.


I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no.  They did not pose him.  Apparently this is the position he assumed just a couple hours after being born.  It's obvious to me that when he grows up, he's going to be an underwear model.


My sister had returned home after her first baby shower about a week late because of the hurricane that had hit Houston (I forget which).  She had a routine pre-natal check up and when she went, her doctor saw that she was beginning to dilate already - no explanation why.  They put her on magnesium for a couple days to relax her muscles, but that can't go on forever so they had to let the baby come.  This is him smiling already at his father, James (the young man who knocked up my sister).


This is from Jayden's first bath.  He looks just like my sister in this picture.  I love the expression on his face, he's like "Okay, I don't know what's going on but I'll bear it as long as I can..."  Isn't he precious?  Everyone tells me he's so quiet and sweet!  He has my sister's eyebrows and nose and my temperament, but the rest is all James...


Everyone except me - his own aunt - has seen him by now.  I'll be seeing him next week though, I'm going to visit them in Houston.  I can't wait!  We're gonna have so much fun!  We're gonna do baby yoga!  Feel free to leave comments extolling my nephew's good looks and sweet temperament, and congratulating me on being an aunt.  (Note:  I'll not be following in my sister's footsteps so don't even ask.  Unless, of course, I can be with the man of my dreams again... I love him too)


Prop. 8: The Musical

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I love genius.

I know I'm so late on making comments about this subject, but I be busy and thangs.  One of my good friends wrote an article about the nuances of the vote, you should check it out.



Check us out!  Specifically, ME!


VOS @ NY Studio Gallery

Next stop, free international travel!

So, yeah, we're too broke to travel to our own opening, but if you're in the New York metro area from 12.4 - 12.20, let me know what you think!

We're bona fide...