image 2006873224-0Excitement! My first art studio! My friend and I will be sharing it, but still, I’m so happy! The entire building will have anywhere from 10 – 15 artist’s workspaces.  We’ll be moving our stuff in around late November/early December. I’ve wanted this for so long, for years man. I can’t say that this year has been disappointing, it’s just that after applying for fellowships and performance opportunities without a single acceptance, I’ve been feeling a little irked. It’s to the point where if I’m not accepted into grad school, I might have to fall off the edge of the world for a while. I don’t want to be a huge art star, I just want access to resources so I can do what I need to. I know who I am, and I’ll never be built for anything other than producing art and being creative. I hope that finally having a workshop – space to DO – will help my energy. I’ve got big plans for you.


Summer Highlights

As afore mentioned, for once I was not a drain on the national economy, and had a job working for an arts and creativity-centered day camp this past summer. The kids were grouped according to age, and I was the counselor along with 3 others for The Shags, AKA the six year olds. The camp is very expensive, so I knew before we got started that the vast majority of the families sending their kids to us would be much more than just well-off. These people are downright wealthy, and I was feeling a little apprehensive because I was so sure that all the kids would be screaming entitled brats. Let me tell you something right now. Those kids were super-awesome!!! I guess our camp attracts the more liberal/progressive demographic within the wealthy, because all the kids were very sweet, nice, and for the most part, very considerate. Now, let me tell you something else right now: SIX YEAR OLDS ARE THE SHIT, YO!!! Anyone who isn’t six can go to hell, and that includes me. This was the best job I’ve had in my life, and I told my boss that I want to be a Shags counselor 4 lyfe, homes.

I was also in charge of editing our movie for all three sessions. The kids had a choice of making a music video, a news report, a commercial, or a movie trailer. Then, they would decide what the subject matter would be, what kind of music to use, etc. So basically, they conceptualized and I executed. This is what we came up with.




Isn’t that wonderful? I can’t wait for next summer!


Le Sigh…


Oh baby. Let me take care of you. Let me bathe in you. Let me liquor you up and love you down.


Btw I have a new friend who sports the Bronson mustache, and I find it much less annoying than the hipster beard. So it hath been decreed – well-kept handlebar mustaches in, “ironic” (kill yourself, please) beards out. Groom yourselves accordingly, guys.


An Unapologetically Leftist Guide to the California Ballot Propositions

If you’re not a self-described leftist, liberal, progressive, or other such animal, then just pass on over this and vote any way you want. This is not subject to debate, and I’m not interested in any opposing viewpoints. This is for my like-minded comrades who want to vote their principles, but may not have had the time and/or wherewithal to do their own investigation. For further explanation of some of the more important ballot measures, scroll down. 

19 – YES

20 – YES, please.

21 – YES

22 – YES

23 – HELL NO!

24 – YES

25 – HELL YES!

26 – HELL NO!

27 – NO and NO

Proposition 19 legalizes marijuana under California but not federal law. Local governments will be able to tax and regulate its commercial production, distribution, and sale. Guys. Look. I don’t even smoke. I’ve eaten the occasional brownie and that’s about all I can take, so I don’t have any vested personal interest in this. But all this locking up kids and grown-ups over something much less lethal than alcohol or tobacco is just plain ridiculous, and it’s led to a COLOSSAL waste of money. Most of the people I know who smoke do it responsibly, just the way it’s possible to drink responsibly. It’s time we grew up and led the way toward decriminalization. Make 18 the legal age like cigarettes, and encourage kids through education to stay away from harmful substances, and STOP TELLING PEOPLE IT’S A GATEWAY DRUG, ‘CAUSE IT AIN’T.

Propositions 20 and 27 are two sides of the same coin. What it comes down to is: Who benefits? Recently, there was a state redistricting commission authorized to choose a 14 member independent panel to take charge of drawing California’s district lines. Of course, politicians (especially the drastically outnumbered Republicans) would love to keep gerrymandering the shit out of everything, so they stand to lose if 20 is passed (which would remove the politicians from the process) and 27 isn’t passed (which would eliminate the panel). I recently listened to a radio program that was discussing the history of this panel, and how great care was being taken to narrow down the list of people on it and make sure they reflect the diversity of our population. After almost two years, they’re almost done. Let’s let them finish so we can have some change up in here.

Proposition 23 is funded by oil billionaires from Texas who don’t even live here, and it’s passage would suspend our air pollution control law (AB 32) until unemployment drops to 5.5 percent. YEAH FRIGGIN’ RIGHT. As a native Texan, I would like to say from the bottom of my heart and with all sincerity, EFF THOSE DUDES. I truly hope no one is falling for their ads all over the place, and we need to make sure people understand that this proposition is utter bullshit. NO ON 23!

Propositions 25 and 26 are also two sides of the same coin. Here’s why we can never get anything done, and our budgets are always being held up until several months after the end of every fiscal year: we have to have a two-thirds vote in the legislature to move forward on ANYTHING. The vast majority of the other states rule by simple majority, but noooooooo!! Not here in the Sunshine State! So what this means, of course, is that the outnumbered Republicans get to hold EVERYTHING up and pout and fuss until they get their way. And they don’t even represent the majority of the state! Prop. 25 would get rid of this two-thirds bullshit and establish a simple majority for passing legislation, but would retain two-thirds vote for new taxes. Which is fine, I suppose. Prop. 26 would “require that certain state and local fees be approved by two-thirds vote.” I say vote NO on this one because it’s just way too vague. In the official ballot, it says that “Fees include those that address adverse impacts on society or the environment caused by the fee-payer’s business.” My 8th grade English teacher always said “SHOW SPECIFICITY!” We’re gonna need a separate proposition just to determine what “adverse impacts on society…” would even be.

You’re welcome. And don’t ever let me find out that you voted for Meg Whitman – my mockery of you will be relentless, whether you’re my best friend or someone I find mildly annoying. And to my fellow Texans on November 2nd: FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, STOP VOTING FOR RICK PERRY!!! Sheesh!!


Catching Up

Greetings, groupies. Sorry for my absence. I actually had a job for once this summer as a day camp counselor, and after it was over, it was hard to get back into writing. Plus, I’m super behind on some personal video and photo projects. But Peggy told me to get back to it last night after a rousing dance session at The Abbey, and whatever Peggy wants, Peggy gets. What’s new with me? Well, let me tell ya! I did a Smirnoff commercial in Vegas in August, and dammit why are my residuals taking so long to start trickling in? It’s been running on cable for a month. I’ve decided to try and get more talent jobs (CSI tomorrow!), and if I can get one or two more big gigs like the Smirnoff one before the end of the year, I’m going to quit as a substitute teacher for LAUSD. It’s very tedious waking up every morning at 6.30 and twiddling my thumbs until 8 for a call that most likely won’t come. In fact, today is my first work day this school year – I only got 12 days TOTAL for 2009 – 2010. Ridiculous.

So my focus from now on will be getting a casting agent, finishing personal projects, doing my series on FrenchTele, applying for grad school, and partying hearty. It’s important to party. It’s good for your well-being and such-like.

To get back into the groove of things the music group of the week is Alice In Chains, featured in the handy and cute little YouTube bar to your right. I was super into alternative and grunge when I was in junior high, and Alice In Chains is an all-time favorite for me to this day. They were old school rock and roll: they sang the blues in harmony, but with a contemporary rock bent. And man, Layne Staley sang like a southern black woman done wrong by her man, her ma’am, AND her kids. I’m sorry if this sounds a little too mainstream, but Man In The Box is such a quintessential song to me – if it makes you feel better, I Know Something Bout You is my favorite.

I’ve added a new page featuring orphan shoes. Check it out and enjoy.