Summer Highlights

As afore mentioned, for once I was not a drain on the national economy, and had a job working for an arts and creativity-centered day camp this past summer. The kids were grouped according to age, and I was the counselor along with 3 others for The Shags, AKA the six year olds. The camp is very expensive, so I knew before we got started that the vast majority of the families sending their kids to us would be much more than just well-off. These people are downright wealthy, and I was feeling a little apprehensive because I was so sure that all the kids would be screaming entitled brats. Let me tell you something right now. Those kids were super-awesome!!! I guess our camp attracts the more liberal/progressive demographic within the wealthy, because all the kids were very sweet, nice, and for the most part, very considerate. Now, let me tell you something else right now: SIX YEAR OLDS ARE THE SHIT, YO!!! Anyone who isn’t six can go to hell, and that includes me. This was the best job I’ve had in my life, and I told my boss that I want to be a Shags counselor 4 lyfe, homes.

I was also in charge of editing our movie for all three sessions. The kids had a choice of making a music video, a news report, a commercial, or a movie trailer. Then, they would decide what the subject matter would be, what kind of music to use, etc. So basically, they conceptualized and I executed. This is what we came up with.




Isn’t that wonderful? I can’t wait for next summer!

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