Catching Up

Greetings, groupies. Sorry for my absence. I actually had a job for once this summer as a day camp counselor, and after it was over, it was hard to get back into writing. Plus, I’m super behind on some personal video and photo projects. But Peggy told me to get back to it last night after a rousing dance session at The Abbey, and whatever Peggy wants, Peggy gets. What’s new with me? Well, let me tell ya! I did a Smirnoff commercial in Vegas in August, and dammit why are my residuals taking so long to start trickling in? It’s been running on cable for a month. I’ve decided to try and get more talent jobs (CSI tomorrow!), and if I can get one or two more big gigs like the Smirnoff one before the end of the year, I’m going to quit as a substitute teacher for LAUSD. It’s very tedious waking up every morning at 6.30 and twiddling my thumbs until 8 for a call that most likely won’t come. In fact, today is my first work day this school year – I only got 12 days TOTAL for 2009 – 2010. Ridiculous.

So my focus from now on will be getting a casting agent, finishing personal projects, doing my series on FrenchTele, applying for grad school, and partying hearty. It’s important to party. It’s good for your well-being and such-like.

To get back into the groove of things the music group of the week is Alice In Chains, featured in the handy and cute little YouTube bar to your right. I was super into alternative and grunge when I was in junior high, and Alice In Chains is an all-time favorite for me to this day. They were old school rock and roll: they sang the blues in harmony, but with a contemporary rock bent. And man, Layne Staley sang like a southern black woman done wrong by her man, her ma’am, AND her kids. I’m sorry if this sounds a little too mainstream, but Man In The Box is such a quintessential song to me – if it makes you feel better, I Know Something Bout You is my favorite.

I’ve added a new page featuring orphan shoes. Check it out and enjoy.

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