For Mommy

This one's for you!  I'm sorry you're too prudish to enjoy Prince, but I'm glad that we share an admiration for Morris Day and The Time.  Sometimes I fantasize about how your life was before you had me - how you dressed, bossed Otis or Daddy around, flirted, clubbed, all the things that I now do.  You must tell me one day...

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  1. Well, I do enjoy Morris Day and the Time, especcially the guitar player that had his own album - can't think of his name. As far as the prudish thing, Prince is just nasty, that's all. Although he produced the Time, and did a good job, Prince's songs showed his affectation with sex, sex and more sex. Surely, there's more going on. As to me being bossy, that's just a vicious rumor.