So ummm… I’m not gonna blog again for a while.  There are a few reasons why.  I’m not telling.  But mainly, I need to relieve pressure from myself, and this is one of the small ways that I’m doing it.  At the beginning of next year, I will make a decision whether or not I’ll start back writing.
In the meantime, you can find me joining the twits, chirping away.  It’ll all be recorded on that nifty little widget to your right.
Brazil was awesome in so many different ways (food, soccer, people, nightlife, monkeys, Brazilian Jewish weddings).  My Paris trip was semi-successful.  I succeeded in sending Passoa and Nicolas Feuillate (plus a beautiful white dress for ONLY 10 EUROS!!) in a box to myself, but I did not succeed in going to Club Silencio.  I and a friend went to a café early in the evening, and one of his homegirls met us.  Four bottles of wine were consumed between the three of us, on my empty stomach.  And I’m already a lightweight.  I was a hot-ass mess by midnight, which is when us peons can get in without being a cardmember.  Maybe one day…
Venice was excellent:  the weather was sexy, Mestre was cheap and beautiful, the Biennale was enriching and fulfilling.  I stayed with some people that I found on airbnb.com, and they were unbelievably nice and lovely.  I just arrived in Berlin this evening.  I’m so broke, I don’t know how I’ll survive until Tuesday.  Soon after checking into the hostel, I went walking and came upon one of the Turkish Doner Kebap places that Germany’s famous for, so I got a strange, cheap, massive one so that I wouldn’t be hungry tomorrow and want to spend money on food.  I wish I were still getting residuals.  And I wish I didn’t get awesome auditions while I’m on the opposite side of the world.
That’s the skinny on me.  Gonna keep my online life to a bare minimum and just lurk a bit, and try and focus on not being down to $100.  Again.  So close to my 29th birthday.  There will definitely be randomness posted here from time to time, so if I’m sooooooooooo important to you, check this space maybe once a month.
Y’all stay sexy.

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