Coachella/LCD Soundsystem

I’m way too excited too early.

If you’ve been peeking in on this blog… okay, I’m not even gonna pretend like I have a returning audience.  If this is your first time visiting my blog, then let me tell you something – I love live music, I love Coachella, I’m going for all three days next month, and for the past 10 days or so, I’ve featured Devo in my little Coachella box over there ---------------------------------------->

I really hope they play this!  With all the jerky movements!


Next featured artist – LCD Soundsystem.  I didn’t really get into him until the release of The Sound of Silver, and it’s such a groovy CD.  Yes, I still buy CDs.  What?

This right here is my favorite song, can’t wait to experience it live!

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