Speaking of nightlife, there are a lot of great bars in LA that are pretty fun and cool.  I come from a bartender’s/avid dancer’s point of view, so my personal favorites are coming from that angle.



There’s no sign out front because they don’t need one, you square.  Shortstop is up the street from Barragan’s on Sunset in Echo Park, and it has a mixed crowd.  Every time I go, there are hipsters (ripe for me to make fun of), locals, glam types, gay, straight, in between and undecided.  The DJs there play a lot of old school soul, rock, Nancy Sinatra and James Brown era music, and it’s wonderful!  Complete with a dance floor and disco ball, smoking patio for you damn cancer-stick addicts, pool table, and arcade games.  You’re welcome.





Bar 107

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So their sign doesn’t actually say “Bar 107”, but that’s the name of the place.  It’s on 4th Street downtown across from Rocket Pizza.  The bartenders have snarky attitude – which I absolutely adore – and there’s a dance floor in the back.  The DJ plays the most random, un-thematic music in town.  I dropped in before meeting a friend last week for St. Patty’s, and they played James Brown, Tupac, Appollonia 6 (Sex Shooter, you know I went crazy), some new wave 80s song, and Heart, in that order.  Makes for uneven dancing, but that’s cool, right?  What I like about this bar is that it has this local, dive-y feel but without being sleazy.  And whoever is in charge of their Facebook status updates posts some off the wall ish.

Las Perlas

This place actually just opened a few weeks ago.  I applied for a bartending spot – no luck.  Oh well.  They more than make up for it by being exclusively a tequila bar.  You heard me – tequila and mezcal are the only liquors in this establishment.  And their cocktails are amazing!  There’s one I tried called “Paloma”, and since words can’t describe it’s goodness, I won’t even try.  Besides, I’m tired of describing everything that’s awesome as awesome.  All the drinks are carefully measured and poured, leaving you with a positive tequila inebriation experience.  Las Perlas is run by the same guy who runs Cole’s across the street, and I just have to say that dude had a great idea.

Broadway Bar

OK, OK, I know, it’s the third downtown bar in a row.  Sue me and see how much you get.  Broadway Bar is one of the first bars I ever went to because I have been more of a nightclub person.  It’s two levels and classy with a mostly late twenties, early thirties crowd.  The bar forms a circle!  Ooooooooo!  The bouncers are nice, the bartenders are friendly, and the crowd is always happy.  What else do you need?  Nothing.

There are other bars that are okay, but nothing to write home about.  I hope you didn’t think that Saddle Ranch or Cabo Cantina would end up on my list you damn tourist.  That’s cause for harsh correction.

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