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David Lynch creating real-life Club Silencio in Paris

By Sean O'Neal June 15, 2011

As part of David Lynch’s interest in doing everything besides make another movie, the budding musician and entrepreneur has announced plans to build the Parisian nightclub Club Silencio, modeled after the location of the same name in his 2001 film Mulholland Drive. Lynch is personally designing the furniture and otherwise sculpting the interior of the “1920s-like Parisian salon,” which include a concert hall, restaurant, library, and cinema—all reserved for an exceedingly exclusive clientele composed of an “international who’s who of artistic professionals.” Reportedly, only members will be allowed to attend nightly events at such as movie premieres, concerts, and literary conferences before Club Silencio opens its doors at midnight to a non-member, but still very elite and carefully selected crowd.

And naturally, the connection to the film invites some obvious questions: Will it feature tape recordings in place of bands? An unusually angry emcee? A blue-haired doyenne who sits ominously in the balcony? A nightly tear-jerking performance from Rebekah Del Rio? Will there be discounts for women who have just had their first exploratory lesbian commingling? Is it in fact a living metaphor for the manipulated illusions of filmmaking itself? That’s yet to be determined, but we doknow it serves finger foods until 6 a.m.

Do you know what this means?  It means I’ve got to rustle up some connections!!!  I’m going to Europe in September for 14 days with plans to visit the Venice Biennale for about 5 days, shopping in Paris for two days (I’ve got to stock up on Cote D’or, Passoa, and get something from The Kooples), and spend the rest of my time ambling around Berlin.  Looks like trying to bonafide my way into this venue is added to my Paris itinerary.


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  1. All you really have to do is slip the bouncer some money. We're gullible bitches. I used to be one.