Big Brother Needs to Get a Clue


Facebook has become omniscience itself.  Somehow it knew, during my last relationship, that my boyfriend was Jewish even though I didn’t specify him when I changed my relationship status.  I started getting all kinds of ads for JDate, various Chabad groups, and encouraging me to “Like” Chanukah.


He broke up with me in January.  I changed my relationship status.  And I still get ads targeted toward Jewish people.  Did you know, for instance, that there was an honest-to-god music festival called “Jewlicious”?  When I saw it, my jaw dropped.  Recently, I’ve been getting ads asking me if I’ve got “the next big Jewish idea”.  I wonder what makes an idea Jewish…  strike that, I don’t wonder.  There’s some rabbi with ads up, I’ve been seeing his picture recently, letting us all know about his website.  The funny thing is, my ex is agnostic and I’m not a Christian.  Last year ‘for Christmas’, we went to breakfast together, enjoyed the empty streets, and went our separate ways for the day (which meant taking a nap for me).  You’d think they would have gotten that whole “not into it” memo, right?


Lots of ad dollars are being wasted.  Before someone tries to construe this as being an anti-Semitic screed (you’d have to be a real dumb-ass to think that about me), I don’t want to see any ads at all on Facebook.  I get ads for expecting mothers (NEVERRRRR!!), interracial dating sites (I get down with any ethnicity, but I’m fine being single), and for masters programs in teaching; when I go back to school, it’ll be to get my MFA.


    I’m gonna need Facebook to get with it, this is ridiculous.


  1. LOL, the internet luvs you.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. You know I'm right!!!!

    Lol, and thanks!