I Love My Hair!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to post the viral Sesame Street song because I know you’ve seen it several times, and I KNOW you loved the shit out of it!  The above is just simply a true statement.  I didn’t always love my hair, and like many black girls, I viewed my hair as a problem that needed fixing.  It was one day out of the clear blue in 2005 that I decided to stop getting perms.  I did a long transition, and that fall I cut off the permed ends, revealing the start of a little ‘fro underneath.


I felt so free, yet after 22 years of doing everything I could to make my hair look European, I didn’t really have much knowledge of how to take care of my hair, such as what makes it tick, how to manage it, what products to use, etc.  Honestly, until recently, it’s been a lot of trial and error, but for the most part my hair has flourished.

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The two best online resources that I’ve stumbled upon are BGLH and Kimmaytube.  BGLH is featured on my blogroll over there –>, and it’s sort of like a gathering of “natural minds”.  Contributors and readers share styling and care tips, post style pictures, and share personal journeys toward self-acceptance.

I love love LOVE Kim Love, founder of Luv Naturals and Kimmaytube.  Her channel is now featured over there –> , and below is an introductory video.

Both are excellent resources when it comes to letting go of the perm and pressing comb – I wish I had been aware of both when I first started my transition.  My mother decided to go natural, and I’ll be helping her.

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