thoughts, in my head (i’m a clown)


  • I’m thinking that the Bottle Service is for Tourists blog is suck-tastic, and I withdraw my earlier endorsement.  The dude makes so many word usage, spelling, and punctuation mistakes that it’s hard to take his self-satisfied editorializing seriously.  He may be right about the mechanics of how nightlife works in LA, but he’s wrong about just about everything else.  If you let too many minorities party in your club, you’re not doing something right, according to him.  And if no celebrities show up, then it negates the great time that everyone may have had nonetheless.


  • I’m thinking that I should be The Dude next Halloween.  My friend Diana got me hooked on white russians a couple months ago, and I’ll look pretty sexy holding one while wearing a white shirt, some shorts, and a robe as I walk down Santa Monica Blvd. again.


  • I’m thinking of doing Brasil twice next year, in addition to Italy.  Italy will be a tax write-off, and the two Brasil trips will be for different purposes (fun and a wedding).  And I’m seriously considering a solo weekend jaunt to Vegas to visit some brethren and catch a Cirque du Soleil show.  Residuals are so enabling!


  • I’m thinking that I have a really great chance of getting into UCLA’s grad program.  They’re hard to get into, but I’ve been very active since my undergrad days.  There’s no other MFA program that appeals to me right now, and I think that if I go at it from the right angle then it’s a done deal.  I’ll definitely be playing up my performances at artLA and NADA, and my residency overseas.


  • I’m thinking that cooperation > competition, and that competition is for the insecure.  People who need to constantly compare themselves to others and be judged as better make me shake my head.  Many people say that competition is what makes America great, but they’re wrong because there’s very little competition here.  What we do have a history of is cooperation.  Whenever people have gotten together, much change has been effected for the better (the Grangers, civil rights, trade unionism, gay rights, the abolition movement, worker’s rights, etc.).


  • I’m thinking that if you can guess the reference I made in the title of this, then you deserve a kiss.  For real.  If you can tell me where I got it from, I will kiss you the next time I see you, and squarely on your temple.  If I’ve never met you or you don’t live near me, I’ll send you a video/virtual kiss.

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  1. Um do you need like a personal assistant. I will tag along, please, pleeeaaaaaze, lol.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate