Memo To All Men Everywhere


The next one of you who, out of the blue and for no damn reason other than you think that all women everywhere should never look like she’s having thoughts or a bad day or it’s frickin’ four in the morning and she’s tired – the next one of you who tells me to “Smile!” will straight get shanked.  And I mean that.  Nothing ruins my day more than some random dude getting all in my face, demanding that I rearrange it to make him feel better.  I swear I’ll go apesh*t on you entitled bastards.  Get a life and stay outta mine!  Shit.

Happy Frickin’ Monday.


  1. i lol'ed hard at that. i get it too and it does piss me off.

  2. I dunno, the times I've said it was just an attempt to be nice and cheer someone up who I felt looked like they were having a bad day. It's never been an attempt to patronize or get in someone's face.

  3. That may be so, but it's a highly presumptuous statement all the same. Most times that men have decided that I looked sad and was probably having a bad day and proceeded to tell me to smile - most times I was having a great day and high in sprits. And I don't feel obligated to let the outside world know by having an insincere smile plastered on my face, it's no one else's business.

    And it's very irksome when you *are* having a bad day, and some stranger tells you to smile, as if that will make the news of a death in the family or the lost job or eviction notice or the sudden dumping from your boyfriend suddenly palatable. Women are entitled to having sad days and bad days and angry days and days where you're bursting with happiness but it's not showing on your face...