All of Your Hopes and Dreams Will Be Dashed Upon the Jagged Boulders Below

I went out last night to El Cid – it was Jellybean Benitez’s return to Los Angeles, and absolutely NO ONE in this world spins soulful house like this guy.  He’s amazing.  I ordered my Long Island, got to sippin’, and soon started dancing because the music was beautiful.  While taking a brief break, a man introduced himself to me.  A tall man.  A bald man.  A gorgeous, chocolate, well-dressed man that I could just look at all day.  As we talked – about Chicago, house music, the South, Jellybean – I realized that it has been eons since I’ve dated a black man seriously, and I could tell that he was intelligent and good-hearted.  Possibilities started to play themselves out in my imagination as he described his job as an event promoter.

Then he mentioned his husband.



  1. Ok...I may have just busted out laughing.

    I'm just saying.