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aaahhhhhh, the slow life.  It’s nice every once in a while.  I’m not a city girl and I’m definitely not a country girl, I’m just a girl who knows how to adapt to her surroundings and not be so uptight.

I arrived in Paris on the 26th of October and stayed there until September 1st.  Paris is very citizen-oriented, even more so than New York City if you can believe it.  More cities should be citizen-oriented this way.  Paris, however, is not exactly hopping with nightlife.  This is why I will retire to London for my birthday this upcoming weekend.

Marnay-sur-Seine is so tiny, you have to go over to the next town to get groceries or use the ATM.  The produce here is SO FRESH, it’s delicious.  Those who know me know that I’m a vegetarian (more like pescatarian), but I took a 3 week meat vacation to taste the local fare.  The meat here is so much better, and the chicken tastes different.  And the cheese!  And the cream!  And the chocolate! And the butter! And the dessert!  And the cheese!  And the dessert!  Oh la la…

But if I come back to LA fat, I’ll never book paid work again, so I’m back to my vegetarian self.

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