I Deserve to be Punished

I have grown derelict in my duties to you and the Internets.  I made it a goal to post at least a few times a month, and here it’s been 5 months and I haven’t written to the world.  How dare I?

Blame it on Facebook.  And the fact that I was teaching for 7 months – something I had never done before – and had no extra time to share my inspired and witty musings with the world.  And then when school let out, I had been so long out of practice and plus I began a WILD, PASSIONATE ROMANCE with a dark, swarthy, brooding young musician (noooooooooo!!!  you promised to never love again!).

I’m overseas, and if you care to know, I call him using Skype.  So there.

I promise I’ll be good.  But I also promise to punish myself because I deserve it.  Oh yeah.

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