I'm An International Video Ho

Again, not really.  My mother would purchase an airline ticket immediately, come to my place in LA, and beat me with whatever she could get her hands on as if I were 15 instead of 25.  Disturbingly, I would probably like it.  I'm sorry Mommy, but it's your fault that I have a thing for older women who exude power.

Anyway, back in January my friend told me that her friend's friend needed people to lip synch for a Polish music video, and I jumped all over that.  You know I had to!

It's a song about a young boy in a small town who's gay.

I'm bona fide.

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  1. Couldn't you be an International Videophile? Please? Why a Ho? This isn't good - please tidy up your descriptive language and become less offensive. It's boring.