Dress Right

Sometimes I do runway.  And when the show is over, I'm SO BAD at follow-up - getting to know the designers, talking to photographers, getting acquainted with the fellow models, etc.  I don't know, but I think it's because there are things in life that are more interesting to me than fashion.  Doing the shows can be fun sometimes, and I've been fortunate to take part in Dress Right, housed at Apartment 3 boutique downtown.


Cutie pie.

The photo and video is from February's show, and I just did a show last night:  very vintage-ey, but without hipster pretension.  One girl told me that I looked like a 70's literature professor about to "school" a young male student...


Let me just say - I really hate most pictures and video taken of me.  I think I look ugly in them, even though people are like "Awwww, you're so cyuute!".  Whatever.  I could have sworn that I was cuter than THAT.  Not really, but to me the captured image looks different from what I see in the mirror, and it's kind of unsettling.  Same goes for my voice too.  To me, my recorded voice sounds different than the way I hear myself.  Does anyone else experience this?  Anyone?

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