Not really.  Just wanted to point out the fact that I've changed the title of my blog in favor of something a little more inspired.  The web address, however, will forever remain the same.

One night a few years ago, I was out with my friend Sal (hey doggy doggy!) and a couple of his friends - we went to Tigerheat back when they were doing it at Arena .  BTW, it's gay bars and clubs that I mostly frequent after dark these days, but I can't stand the 18+ ones!  Too sweaty!!  Anyway, Sal has a friend, Saul, who is OFF THE CHAIN.  I swear, I just don't understand it.  That night after we left the club, we were driving back to my car and after I said bye, Saul yelled something after me that I didn't understand.  I was like, "Rest in peace??", and my first ever nickname was born.

Sal and Saul started calling me Rest In Peace, and I kinda liked it - I had never had a nickname before, and I don't think anyone has one as unique as mine.  Not many people refer to me as such, but I don't care.  "Hey Rest In Peace!" has a certain ring to it, a je ne sais quoi that feels so right in its reference to me.

So when you see me in the street, holla.@SAD

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