My Greek Name on a “Real Housewife”

Greetings.  In a nod to the new look of my blog, we shall take some time to ponder the Greek name in question.

Alexia Echevarria













…siiiggghhhh.  My general opinion of most of the women featured on the “Real Housewives” franchise is pretty low, and for reasons that you don’t even have to guess.  You know.  So when I was watching Bravo one day, and the commercial promoting the upcoming season featuring a brand new city (at the time) came on, and I saw that one of these women had the audacity share my name while making an idiot of herself on national television, I was incensed, I tell you!  How dare she!

I caught an episode.

I’m so glad I was wrong.  I can’t believe I’m typing this, but this Alexia is a welcome breath of fresh air among these women, most of whom seem to be oblivious, tactless, and not too thoughtful.  Now, it’s not like I know this woman personally, and people being people, I’m sure there are aspects of her personality that could use improving.  Just like me, you, and everyone else in this world. Plus, this. But I get this sense that she has been and is a hard worker.  She could be a little less indulgent toward her son, but at least she calls him out when necessary.  She’s decidedly more down-to-earth than her fellow “housewives”, and doesn’t seem to take her personal feelings out on others.  In other words, she doesn’t behave like an emotionally immature seventh grader with privilege for ages.  Maybe that’s all we can ask for anymore.

Alexia is a shortened form of Alexandria, the female version of Alexander.  It means defender of mankind.  I’m sorry; I’m leftist and all, and I respect all people as people, but a lot of y’all can go to hell.  My mommy wanted to name me Alexandria, but her mother, the late, great Mollie, the grandmother I feared and still love, said that it was too long a name for a little baby, so no.  So my mommy shortened it.  I wonder why Mrs. Echevarria’s parents went with this name.  It’s not very common:  I’ve only met three other people who shared it.

In conclusion, my name still rocks, and isn’t sullied by the Miami socialite who shares it with me.


  1. I love your name. I haven't met anyone that has it unless its Alexis or Lexus. I have read it a few books but it rocks. My name is sooooooooo bleh. Having 3 other girls in my class with it made us all aware that our names were not original. our middle names on the other hand were lovely.

  2. I forgot your middle name! What is it?