spirit tornado 3 days and counting


a notification. a recognition. anticipation. pairing. music. 5 o’clock shadow. guitars. Animal. nostalgia. save empire records. a beckoning. platonic embrace. an invitation. drinkety-drink drinks. fun. smiles. photos. competition. victory dances. elizabeth berkeley. hand on my neck. it’s been 4 months.  it’s been two years. my homegirl. taco joint. tetris ripoff. radishes. a pulling away. desire. passion. feelings. unrequited. leave me hanging. morning dancing. effusive g-chatting. 10 unexplained tearful outbursts. art. sex. 90’s heartthrobs. waiting. awkward texting. privileged schoolgirls. glue. food color. salts. scents. a play. more effusive g-chatting. replays in my mind. desire. passion. feelings. interestingness. mystery. I like. I want more. more replays in my mind. desire. passion. feelings. thoughts. future? interestingness. mystery. hmmm. rationalizations. uterus. ovaries. estrogen. birth control. desire. passion. feelings. mystery. burning. yearning. trite words. replay the past. imagine summer. it’s been 4 months. how many more months? it’s been 2 years. 2 more years?

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