The Somewhat Yearly Coachella Post: 2011 Edition



The only day that looks remotely interesting is Saturday (Paul van Dyk, Erykah Badu, and Arcade Fire), and they stopped selling single-day tickets two years ago, the bastards.

I’ve got Brazil, Germany, and Italy to look forward to, so what-eh-varrrrrr.

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  1. I thought Arcade Fire was the name of the album and not the band?
    And I refuse to support Kings of Leon in any way. They music is way too whiny and they got into a twitter fight with some actor or musician and told them to go find a bra to put on. As a woman I am offended by their existence. :) Other than that it does look like a meh list of bands. I liked Mumford and Sons except their banjo player looks like he is banging his banjo in every video. LOL