More LA-ness, or Seven Degrees of Tila Tequila

More like four degrees.

I was at work today, and I got a text about 2 hours ago from my homegirl that Tila Tequila was dead.  She knew because she was hanging out with the guys from ICP, and one of their friends had been partying with her last night and found her dead.  I'm not gonna say the reason why, just in case people actually read my blog and I get sued or something.

1. Because of my lack of an idiot box, all that I know of Tila Tequila is that she had the most friends of anyone on MySpace and she's on a reality show now.  I hope that she rests in peace, and that people will catch on that they need to learn from other people's mistakes and blunders.  A lot of what happens to us doesn't have to happen.

2. OMG, my homegirl was hanging out with Violent J and Shaggy!!!  I used to LOVE them in high school, no joke.  I bought every CD they put out up to The Wraith, which I missed out on.  I'd love to meet them, I gotta hook that up.  Ok.  I know what you're saying.  "What's a brilliant, demure, delicate young lady such as Alexia listening to the crass and vulgar ICP for?"  The answer is " [sigh] I was in high school and this guy I had a crush on got me hooked on them.  OK?  Sheesh..."




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  1. That's why you should have stayed away from boys - a horrible influence!