I'm So LA Right Now.

1.  I'm doing a fashion show where I'm wearing bikinis tomorrow, so the other day I had to get a spray tan (but I'm black!!!  wth?!)

2.  On my way to the designer's house, Janeane Garofalo crossed the street in front of my car.  Upon visual confirmation that it really was her, I yelled in a deep manly voice, "I love you!".  She smiled and waved, and my life is now complete.

3.  I'm so waxed right now.

4.  I'm 'bout to go to the beach.




5. I was at Target today pushing my cart along, and then this Hare Krishna guy in full regalia emerged from an aisle in front of me, caressing a yellow handtowel with a stunned look in his eye.

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  1. I like wt?! - that's better; however, I do believe you are able to come up with a more clever way of expressing yourself. After all, you are edu-macated....is that right?