Alright, I'm doin' it...

I was talking to my homegirl Peggy today to let her know that a favor that she did me paid off - it looks like a couple times a month, I'll be a background dancer on the show Descontrol, seen on Telemundo (I was a contestant on 12 Corazones last summer!). She started to congratulate me, and then told me about how she wanted to shake me because I should be writing about all the stuff that I've done.

I must admit that ever since moving to LA, my life has become one big anecdote. I get into these weird adventures and do crazy (yet legal and un-sleazy) things for money. She's right! And later tonight, I'm gonna let her shake me good ;-).

It's never crossed my mind to begin my own blog - I'm a bigger fan of reading than writing. Although I'm not nearly as shy as I used to be, I'm still introverted and private. I think that this blog will focus on my adventures, my art work, and thoughts about politics, art, and local culture. I'll try to post at least 4 times a week, and as time goes on I'll add more stuff to the site.

So tonight, I'm going to World of Wonder and Miss Kitty's, and hopefully by Sunday I'll let you - the WORLD - know about how that went. If you care. It's okay if you don't...
PS - that's me & Peg, the night I first ever got drunk. I was 23.

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