Hair Hibernation


In case you didn’t know, protective styling is key for black women for ultimate healthiness and growth.  I do this a lot myself – I’ll do 6 flat twists and keep them in 4 – 5 days at a time.  But that gets boring super quick because if you know me, you know I LOVE to style my hair every which a-way and every single day.  That’s why I got a sew-in half-weave this summer.  I kept it in for two and a half months.  When I took it down, my braided down hair had grown quite a lot, but the hair that I kept “out” was heat damaged and shorter than the rest.  In the long term, the end result was a negative.  I want to rest and protect my hair for a while though, so that’s why I got me a wig.


HEEEEYYYYYY!!!  The above – debut at a fashion show last night by Apartment3 – Unique LA.  When I first bought the wig it was in curly soft corkscrew curls, so I got to work frizzing it out so it can look as much like my own hair as possible.  I hope to make further progress in the quest for kinkyness.

This is the LaJay quick-weave by Vanessa.  I first heard about it while doing some hair tip surfing last week, and knew that it would be The Solution to my hair hibernation wants.  Apparently, there’s only ONE store in all of Los Angeles that sells it, and that’s Victoria Wig on Vermont at 69th St. just south of Slauson.  If you live elsewhere in our great United States (or even… the world!), visit the Vanessa website and you can send them a message asking for a list of stores in your area that purchase from them.  Otherwise, you can order online, but I feel wary of ordering wigs online (that’s just me).

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