Starck Club

A converted warehouse in Dallas that was designed by Phillipe Starck, and where Grace Jones sometimes sang (!).  I wish I had been born earlier!  And apparently there's going to be a documentary about it coming out later this year.  Here's the trailer:


Right now I'm entertaining a fantasy of my mother having Kim (one of our babysitters) over to take care of us one night while she goes to Club Starck, takes a pill, and rolls aallllllll niiiiiiggght (awwww yeeaaaahhhh!)


The Soundtrack of my Youth

A typical Saturday morning before my mommy remarried:

1. My sister would wake me up, and we would take our blankets downstairs to watch cartoons and PBS while my mother slept in

2. We would eventually get hungry and start eating tortilla chips, drinking orange juice, and making up new games to play

3.  My mommy would wake up and start cleaning the apartment with the record player blasting.

She played Sting, Heavy D, Steely Dan, Anita Baker, Sade, Vanilla Ice, New Edition, The Rippingtons, Kenny G, and especially



Don't ask me where my love of grunge, punk rock, and Brazilian baile funk music came from because clearly that precedent was not set in our household...
btw I was at the gym about a month ago and a brand-spankin'-new Heavy D music video came on - woop woop!


Roland Burris is an ASS, I Tell Ya

Again, I'm just sayin'...